For Totsupura? Screws
Unique driver bit for TOTSUPURA - screw hardly falls
even without magnetic attachment or air vacuum attachment.
  • Hios Clover?PAT.
    HIOS Tamper-proof recess with 3 large curved wings - perfect for screws below M1.2.
  • Intrtorque?PAT.
    Best HIOS recess ever - Perfect for automatic screw fastening system
  • Interhex?PAT.
    The Super Point on the tip improves functionality and work efficiency of screw tightenings.
    Ideal combination of "Delta PT" for plastic and HIOS PAT. Screw recess
  • INTR-HEX? (L type- Hex wrench key with Ball point)
    Thanks to a cone-shaped guide, stability is preeminent in the over easy to Long type of grip easy to force.
  • with O-ring Waterproof Screw
    HIOS Water-proof screw with O-ring meets "High Quality", "Reasonable price" and "Quick Delivery".
  • Mirror finish Mirror Bit?
    Thanks to the mirror finished bit tip, screw head hardly gets damaged.
  • Hios Spike? Bit
    Specially-designed tool to remove damaged screws that are usually difficult to remove.
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